This place on earth has no life at all

Earth is one of the rarest planets, and you will find the presence of life practically everywhere. In fact, you would find life on earth even in the case of extreme conditions. Some examples would be tundras and deepest oceans. However, there is one unique place on earth where you would find no life at all. 

And that should not mean the place has no natural resources that would help life to sustain. The place has plenty of water resources. The Dallol geothermal field in Ethiopia does not harbour any sort of life at all. The region has water in plenty – hot, saline, hyperacid ponds can be seen practically everywhere. Despite that, you would not find the presence of any sort of life. 

This defeats the very idea that the theory of life has always stood on. The presence of water on a planet is considered to be the major criterion for habitability. However, the presence of no life here should defeat the very idea. 

Well, the exact reason is entirely different. This reason has been a part of the volcanic crater. This region is full of salt and you will find a lot of toxic gases emanating out. The water keeps boiling because of hydrothermal activity within the region. 

The latest study has confirmed the lack of life – any sort of microorganisms for that matter. The study is seen as a good option to understand the limitation of habitability. The study has also let us understand that there are places on earth that have been found to be highly sterile and does not sustain any life. 


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