This reusable smart notebook converts to PDF everything you write or draw, and is worth less than 20 euros

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If you are used to writing your ideas by hand or drawing frequently, surely you have a notebook where you write down everything you can think of. Children also tend to draw constantly. Here you have a reusable smart pad that is on sale on Amazon, and it stays in less than 20 euros.

The problem with notebooks is that they fill up quickly. Or maybe you can delete its content, but it is lost. The HomesTec reusable smart notebook automatically converts your pages to PDF, or uploads them to the cloud, so you can keep them forever. Then you can delete them to continue using the notebook forever. Best of all is that this reusable smart notebook It only costs 19.95 euros on Amazon.

Of course, nothing prevents you from taking a photo of the pages of a standard notebook, or using a scanning app. But if you have ever tried it, you have surely seen that the pages either come out very dark or reflect light and do not look good. The HomesTec notebook Use special paper that does not reflect light during scanning, so PDFs look perfect.

This reusable smart notebook allows you to scan your content easily, without reflections. Convert your pages to PDF automatically, or upload them to the cloud, and then delete them for years of use.

Dispose of 40 squared pages where you can write or draw in a conventional way, with the two included pens that have washable ink. The sheets are A4, 27.9 x 21.4 centimeters.

When you need to delete a page, use the HomesTec app to scan it with the iOS or Android mobile. The app automatically converts the page to PDF, or uploads it to the cloud.

Once filed you can erase it with the rubber included in the pens, or with a cloth with water, or even applying heat with a dryer.

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You can use the notebook for years, as the pages are very resistant and can be washed countless times. The notebook cover is made of hard plastic, waterproof, so you can use it outdoors without problems.

The HomesTec reusable smart notebook is on sale And it only costs 19.95 euros on Amazon. Comes with a pack of stickers and two rubber pens.

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