This robotic lawnmower-sized robot parks 4,000-kilo caravans and trailers

Parking or moving a trailer or caravan is not an easy operation. It is usually done with the car, but sometimes there is no room for both. Trailer Valet RVR is the most comfortable solution.

Robotics is gradually integrated into our daily life, at all levels. It is especially appreciated when it comes to help, and not job competition. A really practical solution is Trailer Valet RVR, a small robot the size of a lawnmower capable of transporting and parking caravans or trailers of up to 4,000 Kilos.

The Trailer Valet RVR robot is remote controlled, turning a heavy and complex task into something as fun as playing the PlayStation.

In that official video you can see how it works. Surprised, above all, its small size and the strength it is capable of developing:

Most caravan or trailer users park them using the car itself, or even pushing them by hand, as they are designed to be relatively easy to move.

But there are times when there is no room to maneuver with the car and the caravan. In addition, the manual parking process requires at least two people: the one who moves the trailer and the other to guide the maneuver, because when driving back the caravan itself covers the view.

Trailer Valet RVR solves all these problems. This remote robot is so small, even smaller than a lawn mower, that it fits anywhere. With its caterpillar wheels it can circulate on asphalt, dirt or mud, and is able to rotate itself 360 degrees without leaving the site, to orient and push in any direction.

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Being so small can maneuver in more limited space than a car. And since it is operated by remote control, it can be controlled from a distance of 15 meters, so it only requires one person, because you can see the entire maneuver. Its battery offers an autonomy of 30 minutes.

It is sold in three different models, capable of moving trailers of 1,500, 2,500 and 4,000 Kilos, respectively. Its price varies between 2,500 and 4,500 dollars. You have more information on their website.

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