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      This store sensor alerts customers if they don’t maintain social distance

Kim Diaz



The de-escalation is underway, and businesses face the difficult task of maintaining the social distance imposed by law. To help them in this challenge, new technological gadgets are being developed, such as Aura Aware, a social distance sensor that warns if customers do not maintain a separation of at least two meters. Companies like IKEA already use it.

Stores and other customer services, or with many employees, have begun to reopen, but they have to maintain a series of sanitary rules. Between them, that customers and employees maintain a social distance, that is, a separation between 1.5 and 2 meters.

Although most people respect it, it is normal that sometimes we forget, because our brain is used to contact, and for the merchant it is violent to ask the customer to stay away. So Aura Aware is a very practical solution. You can see how it works in this video:

The idea is simple. It is an LED panel that has a laser depth sensor at its base. This sensor scans what’s in front of it, and if someone gets closer than 2 meters it changes from green to red, to warn the person that they are too close.

That person may not be looking at the sign, and may not realize that it has changed to red. In that case, if you approach less than 90 centimeters a beep sounds.

It is a very effective solution because it is not violent for the merchant or for the customer. further distances can be customized from a mobile app, and also if we want to use the mentioned beeps or not.

In two months it has gone from despising them, to being “highly recommended”. If you are going to put on a mask to go outside, this is what you should know.

The only aspect that we think can be improved is that it has to be connected to the current via a micro USB cable. So it cannot be placed anywhere. Maybe they should develop a battery version.

Aura Aware Sold on its website, with shipping from Germany. It is available with different types of wood and colors, to combine with the decoration of the premises, and prices from 129 euros. Companies like IKEA, Sodexo or Jack’s Casino already use it in their stores and warehouses.

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