This tiny 1TB SSD to store your important documents only costs € 88 with free shipping

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This SSD memory is tiny, practically the same size as a lighter and offers capacities of 120 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB or 1 TB. It is one of those perfect external memories for anyone who wants to have a large capacity to store big data or to make backup copies.

Memory is from KingDian, a well-known Chinese manufacturer of memories of this type and that in its AliExpress store offers its products very cheap. Now you can get a 1TB mini SSD memory for only € 88.85 and with free shipping.

Tiny 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB memory no larger than the size of a standard lighter. It offers a high transfer speed and USB-C connection to connect it to laptops or mobiles.

This external memory uses USB 3.0 connection via USB-CSo if you have a modern mobile or laptop with these connections, you can use the same cable that you use to recharge the mobile’s battery or use the cable that it includes. further give away a USB-to-USB-C adapter.

It reaches a reading speed of 372 Mbps and 368 Mbps according to its specifications, so you can use it to pass large files or work directly from memory.

It only measures 66 x 36 x 9 millimeters and weighs 59 grams. It is very small and therefore perfect if you have to carry it with your mobile or laptop in a backpack, bag or bag.

Remember that this KingDian mini SSD memory is available in various capacities, but without a doubt the most interesting is the 1 TB only 88,85 € with free shipping. The 500 GB version costs € 57, the 250 GB version only € 38 and the 120 GB version just € 27.

AliExpress has free shipping and standard 90-day buyer protection, so you always have the option to open a dispute in case something happens and you don’t get your product back.

It is also available on Amazon, but the prices are much higher. For example, the 500 GB edition costs € 76.99 and the 250 GB edition costs € 45.99. They have free shipping, but as you can see the price increase right now does not compensate.

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