This will be the cheap Dacia electric car

Dacia is a brand known in Spain for how cheap their cars are. Despite the few models it has for sale, it has managed to gain a foothold in our market and will soon launch its electric car.

We all know the Romanian brand Dacia and we have some of its vehicles in the lead. Since arriving in Spain, he has bet on offer a scarce catalog but where affordable prices are imposed and now it seems that it is going to follow the same direction as the industry: prepares to launch its cheap electric Dacia Spring.

According to the different reference pages, the Dacia Spring bases a large part of its benefits on the Renault City K-ZE, which is already sold in China and will arrive on our continent in the future. This advances some of the details that have not yet been confirmed by Dacia but are taken for granted.

This SUV will offer a autonomy that will exceed 200 kilometers in WLTP cycle thanks to its 26.8 kWh lithium ion battery capacity. One of the aspects that stand out in the Dacia Spring is that it can be charged in a normal outlet, according to Motor1. In case of connecting to a fast charge, it will complete until 80% of your battery in 30 minutes.

Dacia has presented the Eco-G engine, which runs on gasoline and automotive LPG or Autogas. Not only is it even more efficient than a conventional gasoline engine, but it also emits 10% less CO2. Is that how it works.

As for the electric motor, it is estimated that it will have 33 kW of power, over 45 CV, but beyond the battery there are few details that have been advanced regarding this aspect. As you can see, it will be a vehicle very focused on urban transport.

As for the measures of the Dacia Spring, they will be identical to those of the Renault City K-ZE; 3.74 m long, 1.58 m wide and 1.48 m high. In total it will weigh over 920 kilos and will have 300 l of space. The main differences would be in a larger bumper and perhaps more security measures.

This Dacia is being manufactured in Romania and it is expected to be sold in Europe for less than 15,000 euros. As for the release dates, will arrive in Spain in 2021. During this time we will receive more technical details, although almost all that have been advanced serve to make us a pretty clear idea of ​​what the Dacia Spring’s strengths will be.

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