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      This would be the new concept of physical distancing seat to protect us on our plane trips

Kim Diaz



The physical distance It is one of the requirements that we will have in the new normality, but it is very difficult to carry out in the means of transport, especially in airplanes, although luckily there is already a concept of seats that seems that they will succeed if the airlines decide to implement it.

Basically, this new featured design what it does is to do without the seat that is in the middle, and add a protective section at the back of the seats that includes a front protective panel to divide two passengers. Many doubts remain about what airlines will do to separate the different travelers in the airplane seats, since they are usually quite stuck. The aeronautical industry is undergoing a change in these times.

Now the French aeronautical engineer, Florian Barjoyou have devised PlanBay, a kind of hard plastic protective element that adds a panel to the center seat of the rows, in principle for the economy class. This design is portable, and therefore does not require airlines to remodel all the seats on their planes.

They should simply purchase this device, install it, and they would already have a gap between the seats. Of course, they should dispense with the central seat that would be empty, and where this kind of plastic contraption would be embedded.

This is an easy-to-produce, simple-to-install design that could save airlines millions, which would have been forced to redesign all the economy class seats in their aircraft fleet at the request of individual governments.

Of course, this design has not yet been accepted but has been submitted to different airlines while this patent application has been registered by the company. It would be a temporary design, which could be used by airlines during this new normal.

That yes International Air Transport Association affirms that they will not accept the division of the intermediate seats of the aircraft, and that they will require that each of the passengers wear masks throughout the trip, something that raises enough doubts regarding the little distance between these seats from the aircraft and the duration of this type of trips.

[Fuente: InterestingEngineering]

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