This Xiaomi fan is also a humidifier and a lamp: 3 devices in 1 for only € 23

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Summer is here and, whether you’re teleworking at home or already back in the office, the heat may make your workday more uncomfortable.

If you want to avoid high temperatures and stay cool without having to turn on the air conditioning, this Xiaomi fan is the solution. It is three devices in one: in addition to a fan it is also a humidifier and a lamp, and its price is only € 23.29.

This curious device is manufactured by Happy Life, a company in the Xiaomi ecosystem that is dedicated to the development of household products, and It could not have a better relationship between its benefits and its price.

Xiaomi all-in-one fan, humidifier and lamp for only € 23

And, for just over € 20, it allows you to stay cool and comfortable in small places and short distances. On the one hand it’s a bladeless mini fan It offers a refreshing air flow in a quieter way, since the lack of blades does not make as much noise as conventional fans.

You have three speed levels to choose from The one that suits you best at all times and works by connecting it to a USB cable, so that if you do not have a plug nearby you can connect it directly to your computer.

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Moreover, this Xiaomi device It also has humidifier functions. To enjoy this feature, all you have to do is charge the water tank, and once this is done, when you set the humidifier mode, the appliance will emit steam to cool the environment.

Third, this Xiaomi fan in addition it’s an LED lamp that emits a warm night light at the push of a button. In addition, its minimalist design in white stands out, in line with the other products of the brand, and thanks to its compact size you can take it wherever you want with total comfort.

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