This Xiaomi mosquito repellent will free you from annoying bites for only € 11

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Mosquitoes are really annoying on summer nights and can ruin your vacation. So, if you want to prevent bites, it is best to get a system to drive away these insects.

On the market, you have at your disposal various alternatives to kill mosquitoes, such as long-lasting aerosol insecticides or the most modern and practical UV lamps. But if what you are looking for is a simpler solution, this Xiaomi mosquito repellent It is a highly recommended option: it only costs € 11.50 and will make it drive away insects from your home.

It is a very compact, light and easy to use device. It has a minimalist design with simple lines and is white in color, similar to that found in other Chinese brand appliances, making it fit into any room in the house.

Mosquito repellent with simple operation: it uses a filter with pyrethroids and a small fan to distribute the substance throughout the room. It is controlled with the mobile and runs on batteries.

Powered by two AA batteries And, since you do not need cables you can place it where you prefer. In addition, it consumes very little energy and with just a couple of batteries it offers an autonomy of up to 90 nights of operation.

To repel mosquitoes, this device uses a filter with pyrethroids, which are insecticidal chemicals that are used against mosquitoes. The filter is placed in the base and the device spreads the repellent around the room using the built-in fan inside. The substance is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic to humans, so you can use it safely.

This little device it is enough to keep a 28 square meter room free of insects.

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Xiaomi mosquito repellent It has Bluetooth connectivity so you can synchronize it with your mobile phone and control it with the Mi Home app. From the application you can configure the device, set a timer, monitor the state of the filter and know how much autonomy the batteries have left.

You will have to change the filter periodically so that the repellent continues to work. If you buy the pack of three filters the unit will cost you € 4.5.

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