Twitch Streams Blocked By Jio During IPL 2020 Cricket Matches: Reported By Users

Twitch Streams Blocked By Jio During IPL 2020 Cricket Matches

Jio is reported to block Twitch streaming during IPL 2020 cricket matches. Jio users have taken the internet by storm with their complaints. Many users have reported that Jio is blocking Twitch streaming because of IPL 2020 matches.

It’s not just the Jio users, but even Jio Fiber users are also saying the same thing. They said that the blocking started as soon as the IPL 2020 matches began.

Many Twitch members are reported to stream IPL 2020 matches. According to them, their streams get around 1.5 lakh viewers. 

For those who don’t know this year, Hotstar has got the exclusive rights to stream IPL 2020 matches online. Jio users believe that the telecom operator is blocking Twitch to stop users from watching these pirated streams.

Jio users have taken to India Broadband Forum and Reddit to complain about the issue. Users seem to be annoyed pulled by the telecom operator. But it’s not just the Jio subscribers who have been affected, but even Hathway Fiber subscribers are facing the same problem.

According to users, the streaming is stopped in the evening right before the matches start. However, the company has not commented on anything on this matter yet. As soon as, we get any updates, we will let you guys know.

For those who don’t have an idea, Twitch is a platform meant for live streaming. This particular platform is well-known in the gaming community. Gamers from all around the world stream their live gaming sessions on the platform.

But many of the Twitch members are using the platform to stream IPL 2020 cricket matches. This helps them to attract a large number of views. One of the streams has been reported to have received around 1.5 lakh viewers.

Users are claiming that Jio is blocking Twitch streams to stop them from watching these pirated streaming. The rights to stream IPL matches are owned exclusively by Disney+ Hotstar.

To watch IPL 2020 matches on Disney+ Hotstar, you need to subscribe to their annual VIP subscription which will cost you around Rs 399. However, this plan is available for many Airtel and Jio plans as well. This allows people to use Jio and Airtel to stream IPL 2020 matches free.

Even after having such good options, many users are using Twitch to watch live streaming of IPL 2020 matches.


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