Twitter expands its voice tweets feature to reach more iPhone users

Twitter expands its voice tweets feature to reach more iPhone users

Microblogging website Twitter has expanded its voice tweet feature for iPhone users. Twitter introduced its voice tweet feature in June 2020. This feature will allow iOS users to tweet using a ‘wavelength’ icon in the app. This icon will let them tweet by their voice. It will let the Twitter users record an audio snippet and tweet them in just a click. 

The users can utilize this feature from the composer tab. The ‘wavelength’ icon is exclusively designed for this purpose. The users should just tap this icon. After tapping the icon, the users can see their profile photo along with a recording button at the bottom of the photo. By clicking this recording button, they can record audio that is of 140 seconds long.

Twitter is now planning to add transcriptions for audio and video to efficiently reach out to more iOS users. Twitter has stated that it will begin rolling out voice tweets for Web and Android devices in 2021. Twitter underwent quite a criticism back in June for not offering accessibility to Android users. 

The company has now stated that it is working seriously on the negative feedback it received over the accessibility feature. It says that it is now working to make transcriptions available. Twitter also added that the transcription feature for audio and video is a part of its bigger plan. This will make Twitter easily accessible for all evenly irrespective of what device they use. 

Twitter has revealed that it has formed two new teams exclusively to work on the accessibility part of the voice tweet feature. Goals will be set by the Accessibility Center for Excellence. The Accessibility Center for Excellence will also help in improvement and progress to make Twitter evenly accessible to all users across the globe. 

The Experience Accessibility Team is formed to work and improve all the existing and new features of Twitter. They will also concentrate on Twitter products and other aspects to make Twitter much more accessible to all users worldwide. Twitter took to its official support handle to post these messages. It also added that it is rolling out the voice tweets to more people on iOS to learn about how people are using the audio. The microblogging platform will soon start to test the voice DMs, another new feature yet to be unveiled. 


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