Using Technology and Virtual Teams to Create Live Music Videos

Using Technology and Virtual Teams to Create Live Music Videos

Using Technology and Virtual Teams to Create Live Music Videos

With each passing year, we witness incredible advances in technology. Hardware, software and systems that once were prohibitive in cost and only available to bigger companies are now within financial reach of small businesses and independent artists and entrepreneurs. Whereas once we had gatekeepers who arbitrarily decided who could enter the market or share their gifts with the world, we now have an environment where an individual holds the key to their own destiny. 

One of the markets that have been changed dramatically by the arrival of affordable technologies is the recording industry. In the past, you needed a record label and a recording contract to have the hope of making it in the music world. Now you can forge your own path in song creation and distribution and you can even use the new technologies to create low cost, high quality live music videos. The following are some tips on using technology and virtual teams to create your very own videos.

Select a Great Mobile Sound Engineer

In a big city you may be able to find a talented mobile sound engineer to record your live music video on-site. Recording high fidelity songs used to require a sound studio and a lot of expensive equipment. With recent advances in technology, you can now set up a portable studio complete with top quality mics that you can bring right to the remote location. 

Get the Training You Need

If you live in a smaller city where you can’t find the sound and video talent you need, you can enroll in an educational program where you will learn everything you need to know about sound recording and video production. In order to pay for the cost of education, it’s best to take out private student loans so that you can enroll in the program now and pay off the cost of the training over time. Private student loans are available through banks, credit unions and finance companies.

Hire a Professional Videographer

For the visual parts of the music video, you will need to hire a videographer. They’ll select the camera angles, set up the lighting and frame the scenes so that everything comes out right. The amazing advances in technologies and editing systems have allowed independent players to offer services that are on par with much larger, higher priced studios. 

Videoconferencing to Keep the Plan and Project on Track

There are plenty of elements that have to come together to produce live music videos. Fortunately, you can use videoconferencing and project board software to keep everything on track. By creating virtual teams and tying them together through these technologies, you’ll be able to assemble the talent and resources you need even if some of the team members are in different cities. 

Using Technology to Publish Your Music Everywhere

Once you have produced your music video, the real excitement starts. You can take the mastered tracks you’ve created and use specialized technology services that allow you to publish the song or album to every major platform, from iTunes and Spotify to Amazon and Pandora. You can then get your video out to the world by creating your own YouTube channel and using social media to promote your new music offering.


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