Virgin telco arrives in Spain: fiber and mobile from 39 euros per month

From today the fifth telecommunications operator nationwide is now available: Virgin Telco. This company arrives to settle across the country thanks to the operator Euskaltel, who has been working in the Basque Country for more than a decade, where it has offered both mobile and landline telephones and television.

Based in Derio, Bizkaia, this ambitious plan for the Basque company is launched after more than a year of negotiations where all possibilities were evaluated. Now with The announcement of the rates has been sealed, which is finally its official exit to the rest of the country.

By checking prices and flexibility you can see how they enter the market with generally low prices and a rather ambitious plan where the one that stands out there is no permanence.

HBO Spain gives away 14 days of free subscription with no commitment to stay to all its new users. You can cancel whenever you want or keep the subscription for only € 8.99 per month.

Each service can be hired independently and there are different plans that add up and allow any possibility between what is offered.

ServicecharacteristicsMonthly fee
Fiber300MB / 600MB€ 33 / € 39
MobileUnlimited calls with 20GB / Unlimited calls and data€ 6 / € 29
PermanentCalls to unlimited landlines and 100 minutes to mobiles€ 6
TVPremium: 50 channels and replay / Premium Extra: 80 channels€ 8 / € 14

Yes all products are grouped, you can hire a package from 39 euros, which could go up to 53 euros when requesting maximum services. The best price in the Spanish market, according to the company.

To this we would have to add other packages that will be available in the future. Similarly highlights some rates to be offered for certain groups, such as the one for “seniors” that offers a telephone line for € 12 / month, which also includes all calls to landlines and mobiles.

Xiaomi is a brand known for having many products and at a very good price. These are 14 of which you can buy in Spain for less than € 20.

Arrival in the rest of the country will mean an investment of more than 90 million euros. Looking at mobile telephony, will use the Orange network. In addition, it also has an agreement with Virgin to be able to use the brand name.

It is striking that this announcement is made in a period as particular as the state of alarm, when portability is limited in fixed numbers. Even so, they hope that soon the situation will be overcome and we will enter our country with great force.

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