‘Westworld’ Season 4: Caleb and Halores can stand on either end of a destructive man versus machine war

Spoilers for ‘Westworld’ Season Three Episode 8 ‘Disaster Concept’

It’s a good factor that we all know ‘Westworld’ has been renewed for a fourth season (and will presumably have a complete of six seasons). As a result of in any other case, the Season Three finale would have left followers anxious because of the sort of cliffhangers it has. And it has many. So, with out additional ado, let’s deal with the 5 essential issues we can look ahead to in Season 4, based mostly on these cliffhangers.

1. Dolores is probably not coming again

Serac (Vincent Cassel) in Season Three Episode 8, whereas searching for the Chic information tortured Dolores (Evan Rachel Wooden). He worn out each final reminiscence from her. Whereas hosts can and have been resuscitated, there appears to be an odd finality in Dolores’ destiny.

2. The ‘end of the world’ could also be a full-scale war between man and machine

As Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Caleb (Aaron Paul) walked away from Incite, we noticed carnage in the actual world. Riots have been already happening. With out Rehoboam in management now, issues had now escalated to bombings and destruction. And we mustn’t overlook: Rehoboam predicted that within the occasion of the success of Caleb’s plan to destroy it, violence would guarantee for years earlier than the last word end of humanity.

However how will that play out? For one, we can see that Caleb will certainly have a higher position because the chief of males. He was already seen because the chief of the revolution. And with Maeve on his aspect, it’s potential that he would rise to higher energy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Halores (Tessa Thompson), who appears to be amassing her personal Host military. She could have developed a character of her personal, however she continues to be, to a sure diploma, a model of Dolores at her most vengeful and destructive. Her plans then for humanity can solely be one factor: erasure. Right here’s hoping that the war doesn’t turn into like ‘Terminator: Salvation’.

3. Bernard will play a vital position on this war

The final we noticed Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), he wakened, lined in mud and grime contained in the room the place he had shut down whereas accessing the Chic. He wakes up with a particular goal in his eyes, signaling that he had seen one thing inside the information that might be essential to the fats of the world. Bernard has at all times been one of essentially the most puzzling items of ‘Westworld’.

His existential crises could have lastly come to an end with the knowledge he’s unlocked. We don’t know what he noticed, nevertheless it can be secure to imagine that Dolores left it with him, having calculated that she could not be within the image by the end of it. She trusted Bernard to hold the work on. 

4. The Man in Black

The primary post-credit scene concerned a struggle between the actual William (Ed Harris) and the Host Man in Black created by Halores. The Host appeared to have handed all constancy assessments (keep in mind the post-credits scene on the end of the season 2 finale?) and appears to be extra ferocious than ever. The struggle culminated within the Host MIB slitting William’s throat.

We can’t make certain if William dies (he has come again from nearly sure loss of life in each Seasons 1 and 2 of ‘Westworld’), however what we can make certain of is that with the Host MIB, Halores will wreak havoc over the world by Delos.

5. We will certainly see a lot of acquainted faces we missed in Season 3

With Season Three based mostly within the ‘actual world’, a lot of Hosts we noticed within the park have been not there on this installment. We have been, as a substitute, given a bunch of new human characters. And whereas these characters proved to be wonderful, one does miss the Hosts. Sure, we noticed a few of them — Musashi (Hiroyuki Sanada), Hanaryo (Tao Okamoto), Clementine (Angela Sarafyan), El Lazo (‎Clifton Collins Jr.) — however with Halores constructing a Host military, we can make sure to see extra of them now.

Right here’s hoping that the coveted listing included Teddy (James Marsden).

‘Westworld’ is slated to return for Season Four someday in 2021.

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