What happens if I don’t get an appointment for the ITV?

After the reopening, the technical inspection stations of vehicles are receiving an avalanche of drivers, so it is not easy to find a free space. But, What happens if you do not get an appointment for the ITV?

When the state of alarm was decreed, the Government suspended the administrative deadlines and the technical inspection centers were closed, so that if the ITV of your car has expired during the confinement, you still have some margin to pass it without risk of being fined .

Since last May 21, all vehicle technical inspection stations have reopened, and with the arrival of the de-escalation, drivers want to pass the ITV as soon as possible to avoid possible fines. Considering that in phase 1 you can only go by appointment, getting a free slot has become practically an impossible mission.

What fine can they put you for having the ITV expired? How many points of the card take away? We will answer these questions, because there is no single answer. It depends on the circumstances of each vehicle.

Now, if the ITV of your car has expired during the confinement, what is the margin you have to spend it? In order that this procedure can be passed in a staggered manner and avoid crowds at the stations, the Government has regulated the extension of the extension of the validity of the ITV through a ministerial order published in the BOE on May 16.

By virtue of this ministerial order, the extension of validity of the ITV depends on the date on which it has expired, according to the following table:

Initial inspection dateExtension period (calendar days)
Week 1: March 14-2030 days + 15 days = 45 days
Week 2: March 21-2730 days + 2 periods of 15 days = 60 days
Week 3: March 28 to April 330 days + 3 15-day periods = 75 days
Week 4: April 4-1030 days + 4 periods of 15 days = 90 days
Week 5: April 11-1730 days + 5 periods of 15 days = 105 days
Week 6: April 18-2430 days + 6 periods of 15 days = 120 days
Week 7: April 25 to May 130 days + 7 periods of 15 days = 135 days
Week 8: May 2-830 days + 8 periods of 15 days = 150 days
Week 9: May 9-1530 days + 9 15-day periods = 165 days
Week 10: May 16-2230 days + 10 15-day periods = 180 days
Week n30 days + n 15-day periods

In this way, if for example your ITV expired on May 19, its validity will be extended 180 calendar days, so that you have enough margin to pass it. So you have a longer period to find an appointment without problems.

After a year of testing DGT drones are already capable of issuing fines if you are caught committing an offense behind the wheel, but what kind of fines can these devices put on?

But what if the extension of your car’s ITV ends and you have not been able to get an appointment? If you circulate with the expired ITV, you are exposed to a fine of 200 euros and that your vehicle is immobilized.

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