What is the best way to store a mask?

The masks are going to stay in our lives for quite a long time, they have become one more complement in the day to day. They are an essential protection method today, but if they are not used well they can turn against us and do more harm than good.

The Government of Spain has decreed the mandatory use of masks in closed or open public places where the safety distance of two meters cannot be maintained. However, there are certain exceptions in which we could do without the mask for a while and then use it again, and what do you do with it during that time?

If you are going to sit at eat on a terrace or you go into the house for a moment to go out again, you are not going to be pulling and wearing several masks, its price is not enough to squander. Even if they are Non-reusable surgical masks can be stored for a short period of time to use them again later.

To avoid infections through the eyes, nose or mouth, it is advisable to apply a deep cleaning treatment to maintain a good level of hygiene on your smartphone. This is how you do it.

We are going to explain step by step what we should do with a mask and what we should not do with it when we want to keep it, as they have indicated from the General Council of Nursing.

  1. We disinfect our hands with disinfecting gel. It would be nice to take a boat with us everywhere or look if they have one on the premises.
  2. We take off our masks by the harnesses. We do not touch the external part, which is the part that can be infected, nor the internal part that is the clean part that we will later put on our faces.
  3. We put the mask in a breathable bag, preferably paper or an envelope. We should not keep it in our pocket because it can be contaminated or in an airtight plastic bag, its closure generates humidity and favors the breeding of bacteria.
  4. We should not put the mask on the chin, forehead or hanging from the earThese parts have not been protected and could further contaminate the mask that we will use later.
  5. It is also not suitable to hang it from the necklace or bagIt must be protected in a breathable bag.

We have already saved it and we have been enjoying the sun on the terrace or walking through the forest and we want to go home. It is time to put it on again and we must also follow very clear guidelines.

  1. We disinfect our hands again, we open the bag and we remove the mask by one of the harnesses.
  2. We try to place it with the help of the harnesses, touching the fabric part as little as possible.
  3. Once we get home, we wash our hands again, remove the mask by the harnesses and throw it in the trash, if it is not reusable.
  4. In case it is reusable, we must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to wash it.
  5. Remember that non-reusable surgical masks must be thrown in the trash or waste container. Never leave it on the street floor or lying around the house.

This implies that, in addition to going outside with the mask on your face, we must carry with us a small bottle of disinfecting gel and a paper bag or about if we need it. Some measures that together with distancing and caution can help prevent many infections.

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