What is the fine for going outside without a mask?

After numerous analyzes on whether and when to use masks, the debate was closed with the publication of the BOE on May 19 and the regulation “of the conditions for the mandatory use of a mask during the health crisis caused by COVID-19In this update some of the aspects to take into account were clarified.

The obligation to wear masks is done necessary in public spaces, premises and streets, when it is not possible to maintain a distance of 2 meters with other people, but also in the public transport. Similarly, by sharing car or motorcycle with people with whom you do not live it is also mandatory.

Even so, some population segments are not obliged to carry it, but they are exceptional cases, such as people with incompatible diseases with its use -as serious respiratory problems can be- and under six years.

In the situations described above, fines can be imposed whose amount is fixed between 601 euros and 30,000 euros. The huge difference between minimum and maximum depends on the situation that is, the exposure to which other people are subjected or the refusal to put on the mask in case an authority requests it. Normal will be the minimum, but each situation will be valued.

A factor that will also be taken into account when increasing the fine is recidivism. If the person has been sanctioned, if he commits the same crime again, he will have a greater fine.

Keep in mind that wearing the wrong mask can also be considered as a reason for a fine. For example, the cases in which some people lower their smoking masks, a very recurring situation and easy to see on the streets.

In any case, we are in a time of reduction of infections and deaths, so it becomes clear that although it is not mandatory, if at any time it is considered that the best thing is to wear a mask, common sense push to do it. And if it is mandatory and it is not done, there may be a fine.

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