Who has the best Vocal Line (Rookie Girl Group)

Who has the best Vocal Line (Rookie Girl Group)

Who is the best in your opinion?

Cherry Bullet’s Vocal Line

Foremost Vocalists: Bora, Haeyoon, Mirae
Lead Vocalists: Yuju, Jiwon, Kokoro

EVERGLOW’s Vocal Line

Foremost Vocalist: Mia
Lead Vocalists: Sihyeon, Onda

fromis_9’s Vocal Line

Foremost Vocalists: Jiwon, Hayoung
Lead Vocalists: Gyuri, Seoyeon, Nagyung

(G) I-DLE’s Vocal Line

Foremost Vocalists: Miyeon, Minnie
Lead Vocalists: YuQi

GWSN’s Vocal Line

Foremost Vocalists: Seoryoung, Lena
Lead Vocalist: Minju

ITZY’s Vocal Line

Foremost Vocalist: Lia
Lead Vocalist: Yeji

IZ*ONE’s Vocal Line

Foremost Vocalist: Yuri
Lead Vocalists: Chaewon, Eunbi, Yena, Chaeyeon, Yujin

LOONA’s Vocal Line

Foremost Vocalists: Chuu, HaSeul
Lead Vocalists: Yves, JinSoul, Heejin, Kim Lip

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Who has the best Vocal Line (Rookie Girl Group)

Who is the best Vocal Line? (You may vote as much as 3)

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