Why Apple Pay is one of the safest methods of payment on the web

Why Apple Pay is one of the safest methods of payment on the web

Walk into a supermarket or other retailer and the chances are you can use Apple Pay to pay for your goods. It’s easy to use and convenient and first came about in September 2019. You enter your card details into your phone and can then use your phone to make transactions like you would a contactless payment. It’s as secure as contactless card payments itself. Some might even say more so. 

What makes Apple Pay so safe?

Apple takes privacy and security very seriously and continues to push itself as the tech company of choice for anyone who cares about how companies use their data. In fact, using Apple Pay can be more secure than making standard credit card or cash payments. For one thing, you don’t have to remove any cash or cards from your wallet physically. You may also choose to carry less cash in your wallet. Here are some further reasons Apple Pay is so secure:

Two-factor authentication

Apple Pay provides an extra layer of security for the user. When making a transaction, you can secure it with Facial Recognition or Touch ID as well as your passcode. These two measures are optional. If you choose one, you must provide this for each transaction. If you can’t, the transaction simply doesn’t go ahead. Two-factor authentication gives you extra security if you lose your phone.


Although you enter your card details into your phone, the phone doesn’t store them on Apple’s servers. Instead, the phone stores the details and encrypts them, but also replaces them with a “Device Account Number,” which it also calls a “token”. This process means it never shares details of the transaction with other parties.

Apple Pay at online casinos

It’s not only retailers that welcome Apple Pay, however. If you’re looking for entertainment online, you’ll be pleased to know that some online gaming operators are happy to accept Apple Pay as a method of payment. Not all are onboard just yet, as it’s a fairly new form of payment, but the online gaming world follows the times and developments in tech and you can be sure that those who don’t accept Apple Pay will soon get onboard with it. You can find some of the best Apple Pay online casinos at sites like bestonlinecasino.com

You can disable Apple Pay through the Cloud system

If you’re unlucky enough to lose your phone, of course, you should contact your bank to cancel your card(s). If you have the “Find My Phone” feature switched on, you can change the mode of the phone to “Lost” from another Apple device. The device will suspend Apple Pay, even when the phone is off and not connected to Wi-Fi. 

Using Apple Pay

Apple Pay is popular. Millions of people use it and you can use it in stores or, using Safari, online. You can use your phone, an Apple Watch or an Apple Mac. A lot of major retailers — including supermarkets, health and beauty stores, food and leisure businesses and more —accept Apple Pay, but more smartphone apps are becoming receptive to Apple Pay. A lot of banks also support this payment method.

Is it possible to make Apple Pay safer?

Although Apple Pay is secure, if you don’t want to take any chances there are extra ways to tighten up the security even further: 

Use a secure Wi-Fi network

Unfortunately, criminal elements out there can “spoof” your mobile wallet — a process in which they recreate your wallet’s digital registration. One thing you should avoid doing is setting up your wallet on an unsecure network. This means avoiding entering your card details on public Wi-Fi. You should do so in your own home instead. If you do have to manage your mobile wallet while you’re on the move, try to set up a virtual private network.

Install antivirus software

Some cybercriminals like to install malicious software on your phone which allows them to take over your computer, phone or other devices and access private information. This often occurs if the user clicks on a strange ad or a phony link that a malicious third party has created. Traditionally, malware has been a problem more on computers, but mobile malware is starting to grow. 

Security experts suggest that anyone using a mobile phone should be just as careful as they would be when using their computer. They should avoid opening emails or clicking on links or ads by unknown parties. The experts also recommend installing antivirus software on your phone to protect it against malware.

Apple Pay is a popular way to pay for goods and services and can be used to make payments at cash registers or online. Thanks to Apple’s commitment to protecting the data and privacy of its customers, it’s an especially secure way to make payments, not to mention convenient. By using data encryption and allowing customers to add extra layers of security to Apple Pay, the company allows customers to enjoy peace of mind and know that their transactions are secure. 


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