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      Windows Solitaire turns 30

Kim Diaz



It is possibly the most played video game in history. Anyone who has used a Windows computer has played with it for a while, if only out of curiosity. Windows Solitaire turns 30, and although in recent times it has changed a lot, since Microsoft has monetized it, it is still one of the most beloved and remembered games of the last three decades.

Windows 3.0 was released on May 22, 1990, just 30 years ago, and in a way it was a milestone for Microsoft. It released some native applications, like the one mentioned Lonely.

Windows 3.0 was still dependent on MS-DOS, it was not a standalone operating system. But it freed up more memory and greatly improved performance, compared to previous versions. This caused many applications to be developed for it, and it sold very well. More than a million copies in just 3 months. Its success led Microsoft to launch Windows 3.1, the first independent Windows. And as they say, the rest is already history …

Among the releases of the operating system, the most remembered is Solitaire. A card game that came installed in the system, and that it helped millions of people to spend the dead hours at work, or when they were studying.

Considering that billions of copies of Windows have been sold during these 30 years, possibly Solitaire is the most played game in history.

Created by Wes Cherry, the objective of the game was Windows users get used to using the mouse, since most of them came from MS-DOS, a text-based operating system, where there was no mouse. Solitaire helped them practice concepts like drag and drop.

If you don’t need a lot of processing power and don’t have a lot of space on your table, forget about desktop computers!

If Wes Cherry had marketed it on his own, he would possibly be a billionaire today. But he created it as one more job from his Microsoft employee position, so never saw a penny for creating the game.

It’s known that many people have been fired after being caught playing Solitaire during working hours. Wes Cherry confessed in an interview to that he had scheduled a Boss Key, a key that could be pressed if the boss approached, hiding the Solitaire and placing the C language random code on the screen. But Microsoft forced him to deactivate this function.

Solitaire lost its essence when Microsoft tried to monetize it in Windows 8, and also completely redesigned it.

If you want to try so much Windows 3.0 like the mythical Lonely original, you can do it right now through this emulator that runs in the browser.

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