WMO warns: strange weather awaits us in the coming months

The next three months will experience anomalous climatic phenomena in different parts of the planet.

Excessively high temperatures and heavy rainfall will be the main fronts.

Air pollution has not stopped increasing and will be the cause of these problems.

2020 looks like it will be a difficult year on many levels. If the continuous coronavirus crisis has been added to the continuous natural disasters experienced at the beginning of the year, The World Meteorological Organization – WMO has already warned that the next three months we are going to suffer around the planet some abnormal weather conditions.

The problems will be seen especially on two different fronts, on the one hand some especially high temperatures in all tropical areas that will lead to possible droughts in South America, and are also announced heavy rainfall in Australia, Indonesia and most of the Indian Ocean.

These data that have been extracted in Nmas1 from WMO newsletter explain what will happen from this month to July and have caused important concerns.

In almost all the planet the temperature will be above normal values, which will cause great droughts in different areas at the same time as more violent precipitations in others. In addition, the chances of living will also multiply tropical cyclones.

Despite the pandemic and how the industry has slowed down in much of the planet, CO2 records continue to rise in the atmosphere and during this month the highest figures ever recorded have been reached. The pollution has not stopped growing and is going to cause a large part of the climatic changes that will take place in the coming months.

2020 may be remembered for many factors and that these phenomena, in case of approaching the worst forecasts, greatly damage populations already affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We will see what remains, but WMO has already anticipated that important problems can be experienced.

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