Work and study without spending a lot of money on a new computer: this Windows 10 PC, on sale for only € 259

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Having a good computer at home is always useful, even though mobiles and tablets have come a long way and in some cases they are already a good alternative to work with. However, they do not have a desktop operating system like Windows, and that makes certain tasks very difficult.

If you need a new computer and want a PC that is cheap and comes with Windows 10 pre-installed, you can get this Medion Akoya M80 for only 259 euros on Amazon, a real bargain.

In addition to already having the operating system included as standard, it has 8GB of RAM, 1TB of hard drive and an Intel Celeron G4900 processor.

They are more than enough specifications to run Windows without too many problems and all the apps you need both to work and study, with limitations due to the modesty of its processor, of course.

Also, if you want it to work faster you can always bet on an SSD. You will only have to open the PC and insert it into its corresponding bay. These solid state drives are much faster than hard drives, and that is immediately noticeable in the speed of the entire system.

Fortunately, there are 120GB capacity models that cost less than 30 euros on Amazon and are perfect for this computer. Obviously its capacity is less than that of a 1TB hard drive, but it is surely enough for everything you may need.

You don’t need a desktop computer to get the benefits of a powerful PC. Take a look at these Mini PCs that fit in any corner.

Beyond everything we have mentioned, there is one more advantage on this PC: shipping is totally free for you whether you have Amazon Prime or not, although if you have it you will receive it at home much sooner, within a period of approximately 48 working hours.

If you are not, you can always sign up for the free trial month with no commitment to stay.

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