Xbox App for iOS To Allow Users To Stream Console Games On iPhone: Report

Xbox App for iOS To Allow Users To Stream Console Games On iPhone

Currently, Microsoft is working on an Xbox app update for iOS users. This app would allow users to stream games from their Xbox One console to their iPhone. 

The latest Xbox app for iOS is reported to be launched soon. Users will be able to download it from Apple App Store. This is going to give the same experience that Microsoft provided to Android users when they launched their Xbox beta app. This app allowed the Xbox users to stream games from their Xbox consoles directly to their android devices.

The Redmond Company is planning to grow its remote play option to Xbox Series X and Series S. Just so you know streaming is different from the remote play.

Tom Warren from The Verge has shown early access to the Xbox app update designed for iOS users with a video that he posted on Twitter.

This new app is going to allow Xbox One users to stream their games from their consoles to their iPhone remotely. This is very much similar to the function provided by the PS4 Remote Play app by Sony. This app provides the remote play feature to both iOS and Android users.

Warren stated that the new Xbox app will allow users to use their Xbox One from their iPhone over LTE or Wi-Fi network. This implies that you will get remote access even if your iPhone is on a different network than your Xbox. Not just that, but it will also users to remotely switch from their Xbox One even when they are outdoors and are not using their home Wi-Fi. Once you switch on the console from your iPhone, it asks you whether you want to start up without Xbox light or sound.

The main purpose of this latest feature is to allow users to play their favourite Xbox One games on their iPhones. However, this service is very different from the xCloud service provided by Microsoft. 

Warren said that a connect button will be provided under the section ‘My Library’ in the updated Xbox app. This will help users to connect and start playing games from their consoles. 

The update is expected to come with other features like share or download game screenshots and clips that are captured on the console. Apart from that, there will also be some improvements.

The Xbox app updated for iOS will soon arrive on the Apple App Store. However, no official date has been announced by the company.


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