Xiaomi assaults the high-end of televisions with the Smart TVs from Master Series

Xiaomi televisions have long since arrived in our country, but the brand announces that it will launch a new range in China, this time focused on customers looking for premium quality.

A few months ago we live the landing of Xiaomi televisions in Spain. More than announced and with great prior curiosity, the truth is that his arrival nor did it represent a big change in the market national. But it seems that, as has happened with other devices of the brand, they will soon start to launch models in other ranges and, in addition to the cheap ones that are already here, in China will launch to the high-end.

As announced by the manufacturer, Xiaomi Master Series OLED will be its new range of televisions for those who want to invest in the highest quality and trust the brand. Some models that will take advantage of the technologies that they already use in today’s televisions to implement the latest developments in the sector.

At the moment there is hardly any information on what these televisions will offer, in addition to will reach 120 Hz that promise to transform them into an ideal option for gamers or fans to enjoy movies in their highest quality.

It is also announced that they will have RGB breathing lights that will be in tune with sound and image, according to Xiaomi4Mi, in addition to being more versatile models than those sold so far.

The truth is that Xiaomi televisions came to the Spanish market with the threat of making a significant gap and destabilizing the existing reign, but the results were not as expected as they did not succeed either with the price or with the benefits. Are some models that comply, have Android TV and some extras that we find interesting in our review of Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 ”, but they do not stand out either.

The next Thursday, July 2, all the features will be presented of these new Xiaomi televisions, price included. We will see what surprises await us and how long it takes to make the leap from China to the rest of the countries.

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