Xiaomi invents a smart and automatic folding umbrella with built-in light

They have invented a smart umbrella that is not only capable of protecting us from the rain, but also from the sun’s rays, and that has an automatic folding in the form of a lotus flower.

If you are tired of carrying the same umbrella throughout your life, now Xiaomi has been removed from the sleeve an automatic folding umbrella with a unique design and that is valid for both rain and sun rays.

If days ago we were talking about smart curtains, now on the crowdfunding platform Xiaomi Youpin An automatic folding umbrella has appeared that you can buy if you collaborate from $ 7 and that if it is a success you could end up buying it in the market, although at a higher price.

A differentiating aspect compared to the rest of the conventional umbrellas is that it is reversible. While most umbrellas fold in a way that folds out from the middle, Xiaomi’s automatic folding umbrella folds inwards in the middle leaving a design that resembles a lotus flower as you can see on the left in the following image.

The total surface of the umbrella is 106 cm with what is capable of covering up to two people. Interestingly, at the bottom of the handle of this umbrella, we will be able to find an LED light that will help illuminate the path up to 10 meters range.

In addition to being automatic, we can also fold it by pressing a simple button, without having to wet our hands if we had to fold it manually as it happens with traditional umbrellas.

On the other hand, its external design stands out for being covered with a UV treatment process to block light and provide thermal insulation for sun protection when used during the day, so we are not only in front of an umbrella to protect ourselves from the rain, but also from the rays of the sun. Although in the West it is very rare to take out the umbrella to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays, in Asian countries that use is much more widespread.

[Vía: gizmochina]

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