Xiaomi sells a 6,000-euro massage chair that looks like a spaceship

Not everything Xiaomi sells is cheap and within the reach of any pocket. This massage chair costs 6,000 euros, has a striking design and offers a wide range of features.

Every so often we talk to you about some novelty that Xiaomi has just launched. Not only does everything that refers to their mobiles, where it is already the manufacturer that sells the most in our country, follow with interest, it is also interesting to follow the devices and vehicles that it brings to the market due to their novelty. And this massages couch it’s an example.

If you are looking for a good massage chair to watch TV or relax, you should know that Xiaomi has put one on sale, but this time we can’t say it is extremely cheap, but it will cost you almost the same as some cars: it sells for 6,000 euros.

The couch Rongtai RT 8900 Gemini It is sold through the YouPin platform for about 50,000 yuan and has a striking and futuristic design that really is difficult to fit with the aesthetics of most houses. Not only for the colors, but also for the large size it occupies and its appearance as a spaceship chair.

As you can see in the image, it has 10.1 “screen to configure the different functions available and you have to adjust to the shape it has. According to Andro4all, it can be reclined at different angles. It is also possible to configure it to give massages to the areas of the body that you want thanks to the variety of settings it allows.

Xiaomi is a brand known for having many products and at a very good price. These are 14 of which you can buy in Spain for less than € 20.

In addition to the pockets to store what you want, you can see the configuration screen that incorporates and has the possibility of being programmed for a specific time or in one of the massages that come by default to relax or relieve a part of the body or everything in general.

It is difficult to think whether this chair is really comfortable or not without trying it due to its extravagant design, although it can be said that have achieved the goal of capturing our attention with the. At the moment it is only for sale in China, although it is likely that it will soon make the leap to other countries.

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