‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Episode 7 Preview: Should Beth blame John Dutton instead of Jamie for her hysterectomy?

Spoilers for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Episode 6 titled ‘All For Nothing’ 

We now know it’s cool to hate on Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) today, nevertheless it should not be. Why? Just because he’s not actually at fault. So, two episodes in the past, it was revealed in a (predictably) surprising flashback that Beth had an abortion go incorrect that led to a hysterectomy and a lifetime’s value of anger and remorse. It was her older brother Jamie who had taken her to the free clinic on the reservation and regardless of a warning in regards to the sterilization, goes forward with the operation with out telling Beth. 

And naturally, viewers have heaps of emotions about this. At first, everybody was mad at Jamie for taking up Beth’s company and apparently ruining her life for good when he made such a call for Beth all by himself. Then, when the anger subsided, there have been many viewers who identified how Beth blaming Jamie was her coping mechanism — to shrug off her personal accountability.

“Beth went to Jamie. An 18-year-old scared of a strong indifferent father. John needs to be mad at himself. Had he not be so disengaged and distant – perhaps she would have requested him for assist. Most 18 years don’t suppose the by way of selections made in concern or panic,” a fan had rightly identified. And whereas that could be, for it sounds completely humane and completely Beth too that we’re considering it’s their parenting at fault.

Sure, it’s by the hands of the mighty John Dutton (Kevin Costner) that Beth’s life turned out this fashion and Jamie is caught on this hateful relationship. John is a indifferent strict father whose focus is extra on the ranch and the land. In truth, he has bred 4 youngsters in order that they’ll hold the land within the Dutton household.

On the finish of the earlier episode, Beth comes clear to John, who instantly marches up in arms towards Jamie. He needs to beat the life out of his son, however cannot. And we hope it’s because he finds his personal fault on this mess. 

“John ought to ask what *he* did. Why did his youngsters not come to him? Why did Jamie get put right into a place of being requested to do that and make a selection he possible didn’t perceive the results of. As a result of John was nonetheless disengaged and distant to his personal kids,” a fan had defined. The truth that Beth approached Jamie speaks quite a bit about John as a mum or dad and a single father than anything. 

If John was a greater father, Beth would not have felt the necessity to method Jamie for assist, she would have gone on to him. On the similar time, if he was a greater father, Jamie would not have been pressurized into making a rash resolution with the intention to shield the Dutton household title. Even when Beth would have requested him for assist, he might have talked to John about it. 

That is why we expect that regardless of the blame video games, the true perpetrator and puppeteer is John — Beth should cease blaming Jamie alone and acknowledge the issues of her daddy. ‘Yellowstone’ airs on Sundays at 9 pm ET/ PT on Paramount Community

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