You may have compromised your personal information on Facebook and Twitter

Twitter has made an announcement on Monday that their personal information may have been compromised if they have used the platform to sign in to a few Android applications. Similarly, Facebook also has claimed that its users who are logging in to the apps through Facebook to a few applications on Google Play Store. 

These companies have received reports from the security research firms about an SDK developed by OneAudience. The report suggests that this SDK has a few malicious coding that provides access to personal data to third-party apps. 

The personal data that the SDK lets the third-party apps to have access to would include access to email addresses, usernames, and other important data. The apps would also have access to the latest tweets of the people who have used the Twitter account to sign in to the apps. Some of these apps are Giant Square and Photofy. 

This vulnerability can be a serious concern as it would empower a third person to have access to your account. Of course, there has been no proof to show that something of that sort has ever happened. However, the possibility cannot be undermined. 

Twitter has indicated through its blog post that it will analyse the accounts and will intimate the users who may have been affected. It also reiterated that the issue has been brought to the attention of Google and Apple. While Twitter has explicitly mentioned Google Play Store and the apps available on it, it has also stated that there is no evidence to indicate any such occurrence on iOS devices – at least as of now.

If you have signed in to any of the apps through Twitter and doubt your personal data has been compromised, it may be the right time you revoke the access right away. 


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