Your next high-end mobile will cost much more if the rumors about the Qualcomm processor are fulfilled

The essence of technology is innovation, evolution and development. Thanks to this desire for constant improvement we have current products and services such as high-end mobiles that include the processor Snapdragon 865, Qualcomm’s most powerful chip to date. However, the prices of these processors have started to become too expensive for some brands, especially after the arrival of 5G.

With the arrival of the Snapdragon 865 we already saw that some companies were backing down on their plans to opt for this processor, since its price made the final cost of the mobile more expensive and ended up discouraging consumers. This event could be repeated – and even aggravated even more – with the next brand processor the Snapdragon 875, as new rumors have just revealed.

If the Snapdragon 865 costs between 150 and 160 dollars and for some brands it was already excessive when it was presented last year, according to rumors, the Snapdragon 875 will cost $ 100 more. An additional $ 250 just for the processor that would clearly force the price of the phones to rise to cover costs.

It must be borne in mind that the mobile market is currently engaged in a battle to obtain the most competitive price. The introduction of new brands has put pressure on major manufacturers and is now vital, not only offer the best specs, if not cheapest price.

According to information from Sleepy Kuma on Twitter, Xiaomi currently arises how much should your next flagship cost with all the technology it should include to compete with other brands: the best cameras, a large fast screen, a bigger battery and, of course, a great processor that would be the Snapdragon 875, a chip made in 5nm, accompanied by the new modem. RF X60 5G and the Adreno 660 graphics card. To be introduced in 2021.

If all this information becomes reality, the most likely result would be a considerable increase in the price of most high-end Android phones, a disadvantage for end consumers. Anyway, this data has not yet been confirmed and the Snapdragon 875 has not yet been finished producing, so we will have to wait for its official presentation to make calculations.

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