Zoom addresses a vulnerability in its Windows client

The popular Zoom video calling application has fixed a vulnerability in the Windows client that affected operating systems like Windows 7, and where an attacker could have taken control of the main computer.

The Zoom video call application has confirmed that they have patched a zero-day security vulnerability that affected their Windows client, specifically on older operating systems.

Zoom has faced various privacy and security problems in recent times, and that means that right now they are taking the resolution of these types of problems very seriously. This vulnerability is only exploitable through Windows 7 and earlier versions of the operating system, but the main problem is that even those who have paid for extended security updates in Windows 7 would have been in danger.

This security issue was originally reported by the company opatch and Zoom’s people acted quickly upon launching the update for their client.

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When they learned about the ruling, they indicated that they are serious “all reports of possible security vulnerabilities. We received a report of an issue affecting users running Windows 7 and earlier versions. We have confirmed this issue and are currently working on a patch to resolve it quickly.

Now the version 5.1.3 of the Zoom client is now available for download and where this bug and other minor stability issues have been resolved.

In any case, the experts point out that it is a risk that users are making use of operating systems that no longer receive security updates, but curiously even with the extended security updates for Windows 7, the failure could have been reproduced. At the moment there is no evidence that an attacker has exploited this vulnerability to gain access to the victim’s device.

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