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Hunter Biden Willing to Testify Publicly if Subpoenaed Again, Attorney States Amid Impeachment Inquiry

Photo from WPMI

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is prepared to appear for a public deposition or hearing if legally valid subpoenas are issued as part of the House’s impeachment inquiry into the elder Biden, according to a letter from Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell. Lowell contests the validity of November subpoenas, stating they lack legal standing due to being issued before the full House voted to authorize the impeachment inquiry. The attorney asserts that, if a new proper subpoena is issued, Hunter Biden will comply for a hearing or deposition, emphasizing transparency.

Photo from NBC News

Legal Validity of Subpoenas

Abbe Lowell challenges the validity of the November subpoenas, arguing they lack legal merit as they were issued before the House’s approval of the impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Lowell cites a 2020 Office of Legal Counsel opinion stating that explicit authorization is necessary for committees to exercise compulsory powers in an impeachment investigation.

Lowell warns House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan that a contempt citation won’t stand, emphasizing the House’s lack of approval for the impeachment probe during the earlier subpoenas. He points out the inconsistency of their objections, highlighting their previous criticism of subpoenas during investigations into former President Trump.

Lowell criticizes the GOP’s refusal to grant Hunter Biden a public forum, challenging their commitment to transparency. He underscores Biden’s willingness to testify under certain circumstances, contingent on the issuance of a new proper subpoena aligned with the duly authorized impeachment inquiry.

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Biden’s Offer and GOP Response

During a House Oversight Committee hearing, Hunter Biden’s attorney conveyed his client’s willingness to testify publicly, challenging the GOP’s characterization of seeking “special treatment.” Abbe Lowell emphasizes the GOP’s failure to explain their resistance to transparency and public testimony.

In response, Representative Jamie Raskin, the Oversight panel’s ranking member, notes that Hunter Biden’s offer aligns with GOP demands, urging Chairs Comer and Jordan to end the “absurd and wasteful” contempt proceedings and accept Biden’s willingness to testify publicly.

The attorney’s offer to comply with a new subpoena signals a potential resolution to the ongoing inquiry, with a focus on ensuring transparency and public access to Hunter Biden’s testimony.

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