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$5,000 One-Time Payment Will Be Sent to Some Americans, Are You Qualified?

$500 one-time payment
$500 one-time payment will be sent to some Americans. (Photo: Nerdlist)

Some Americans across the country will receive an amount of $5,000 one-time payment as part of the data breach settlement of Maxim Healthcare Services.

$500 one-time payment

$5,000 one-time payment will be sent to some Americans. (Photo: Nerdlist)

$5,000 One-Time Payment

Some Americans in the country are about to receive an amount of $5,000 one-time payment. This is through the settlement agreed by Maxim Healthcare Services due to the 2020 data breach even though Maxim denied this allegation.

In a published article in The U.S. Sun, a lawsuit was filed against Maxim Healthcare Services by a group of plaintiffs claiming that it did not protect their information against cyberattacks. The plaintiffs added that criminals were able to access their email boxes and gained access to their personal information and personal health information.

Moreover, they also said that the data breach could have been prevented if Maxim Healthcare Services has proper cybersecurity measures.

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Are You Qualified for the $5,000 One-Time Payment?

You could qualify to receive an amount of $5,000 one-time payment if you received an email or postcard notifying you about the lawsuit. Additionally, you can also claim the one-time payment if your personal information may have been compromised on or about Nov. 4, 2021.

It is also important to note that those who qualified should submit a claim on the Kroll Settlement Administration site.

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