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Deputy Jailed After Telling His Friend To Flee Ahead of Warrant Being Issued Over Him Having Sexual Relations With His Student in Florida

A deputy from Florida is now jailed after using his position to protect his “lifelong” friend from being arrested over having sexual relations with this student.


Arturo Dominguez and Omar Ayala. (Photo: Law & Crime)



Dominguez’s Crimes in Relation to Ayala’s Sexual Relations.

Deputy Arturo Dominguez is no longer a Sheriff of Osceola County after being fired and arrested after being charged with one count of accessory to the sexual relations of his “lifelong” friend Omar Ayala towards his students. In relation to being an accessory to Ayala’s sexual relations, Dominguez was also charged with unauthorized access to police devices, obstruction of investigation, and disclosure of confidential criminal information.

Ayala is currently out on the run from the authorities as his warrant of arrest following his sexual relations with his student is already out. Dominguez was notified of Ayala’s crime as he received a request for his arrest warrant, which came from a detective from Okeechobee County. It was here that Dominguez discovered that Ayala was engaging in sexual relations with his student who was a minor.

The detective noticed that Dominguez used the police database. In the detective’s curiosity, he confronted Dominguez on why he was repeatedly checking on Ayala’s name. Dominguez then responded that he kept on running Ayala’s name on the system since he recently pulled him over at a traffic stop, but the authorities said that such a traffic stop never happened.

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Dominguez on Warning Ayala to Flee Ahead of His Arrest Warrant

Upon further investigation, the authorities found out that Dominguez was Ayala’s “lifelong” friend, and Dominguez kept running Ayala’s name on the system to check whether a warrant has already been issued.

The student’s mother then reported that she found text messages and pictures that were sexual in nature, which were exchanged between Ayala and her daughter. After further investigation, it was found that both Ayala and the student exchanged sexual images and videos, hence the sexual relations.

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Because of Dominguez’s actions, Ayala’s current whereabouts are unknown, but Osceola County is currently pooling its resources in finding Ayala, and the case is said to be relayed to the Marshals.

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