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Husband Found Dead An Hour Later After He Texted His Wife That He Was Being Held Hostage.

Husband Found Dead An Hour Later After He Texted His Wife That He Was Being Held Hostage.

Qualin Campbell was held hostage in his own car after a stranger snuck in. Campbell was dead an hour later.

Qualin Campbell together with his children (Photo: PEOPLE)

A Colorado Father of Two Found Dead After Being Held Hostage

32-year-old father Qualin Campbell was murdered by his captor an hour after he was held hostage. Campbell’s captor is said to be an unknown homeless stranger who was able to get inside Campbell’s car without Campbell’s knowledge and consent. This led Campbell to contact his wife and asked for help.

When the officers arrived in response to a shooting, two deceased males were found on the scene. During a press release, attorney Harry Daniels revealed that one of the two deceased males was Qualin Campbell.

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The Side of Campbell’s Wife Regarding the Incident

Campbell’s wife, Talia, called the authorities roughly an hour after Qualin texted her that he was being held hostage inside his car. The message included Qualin’s exact location, a picture of the man who was believed to be his captor, and a desperate call for help. As per Daniels’ release, Qualin was found dead an hour later from a gunshot wound in his abdomen.

Daniels continued that the police were only located a mile away from the scene but they never came. The Colorado Police were unable to respond immediately to a request for comment made by PEOPLE.

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