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Controversy Surrounds Mayor’s Sister In Law’s Promotion To $150K At DOE

New York City Mayor Eric Adams finds himself embroiled in controversy once again as his sister-in-law, Sharon Adams, recently received a major promotion at the Department of Education (DOE). The promotion has raised eyebrows and sparked criticism due to the mayor’s hiring decisions involving close associates and family members. Let’s delve into the details and explore the ongoing debate surrounding nepotism and transparency in City Hall.


Sharon Adams was elevated to the position of ‘strategic initiative specialist’ at the DOE, with an annual salary of $150,000. Her promotion came shortly after her husband, Bernard Adams, stepped down from his controversial role as the head of the mayor’s security detail. This is not an isolated incident, as the Adams administration has faced repeated scrutiny for appointing friends, family, and close allies to lucrative positions within city government.

Nepotism Concerns:

Critics argue that Mayor Eric Adams’ hiring practices raise serious concerns about nepotism and favoritism. The string of high-profile appointments given to individuals with personal connections to the mayor has led to accusations of impropriety and a lack of transparency. Some even question whether these appointments are based on merit or personal relationships, undermining public trust in the administration.

Previous Controversial Appointments:

This recent controversy is not the first time the Adams administration has faced backlash over hiring decisions. Tracy Collins, the mayor’s longtime partner, was promoted to the role of senior advisor at the DOE, with a salary of $222,000 per year. Such appointments have fueled criticism of favoritism and have cast a shadow over the administration’s commitment to fair and equitable hiring practices.

Mayor Adams’ Defense:

In response to the criticism, Mayor Eric Adams defended the promotion of his sister-in-law, stating that Sharon Adams is a qualified educator. He claimed that there are clear rules in place regarding the employment of individuals related to the mayor, and they are complying with those rules. However, skeptics argue that these explanations do little to address the perception of nepotism and the potential for conflicts of interest.


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Mayor Eric Adams’ defense of his sister-in-law’s promotion to a $150,000 job at the DOE has intensified the debate surrounding nepotism and transparency in City Hall. The ongoing controversy underscores the need for stronger measures to ensure fair and equitable hiring practices in government institutions. Restoring public trust will require concrete actions and a commitment to meritocracy, ultimately ensuring that appointments are made based on qualifications and expertise rather than personal connections.

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