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Wendy Williams’ Son Was Threatened To Be Put Behind Bars If He Didn’t Send His Mother Back To NYC From Florida

WENDY Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr, was threatened with arrest if he didn’t send his ailing mother back to New York City from Florida, he exclusively revealed to The U.S. Sun.

Wendy‘s only child, 22, claimed that Judge Lisa Sokoloff- who is overseeing the troubled host’s guardianship case- said she would charge him with kidnapping if he didn’t assist in getting the star back to New York while he was helping take care of her in 2022.

Kevin told The U.S. Sun exclusively: “The judge threatened me with arrest and said I’d be held in contempt if I didn’t bring her back to New York.”

Kevin said he wished there was more he could do to intervene to get his mother the care she needs, and to help her prioritize her health over the work commitments she’s been engaged in over the past year.

But legally, his hands have been tied by the guardianship case.

Wendy’s manager Will Selby gave a statement to Entertainment Tonight regarding Kevin’s interview criticizing him.

“If your mother was near death would the first thing you do is call an online publication?” he asked. “Okay. So, that’s all I have to say about that.”

A Wendy insider told The U.S. Sun that Will would have been aware of the threats of arrest that have been aimed at Kevin for his involvement with his mother by the guardianship judge.

The college student also took aim at Wendy’s guardian, Sabrina Morrissey specifically, and the job she has done in overseeing Wendy’s well-being.

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