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Americans To Be Hit With Automatic Surcharge On Their Phone Bills

Americans To Be Hit With Automatic Surcharge On Their Phone Bills (Photo: The US Sun)

Americans will experience an automatic surcharge on phone bills. The new and increase phone bills are expected to rationalize live-saving systems for phones.

An elderly woman seemingly worried over the phone (Photo: The US Sun)

All About the Automatic Surcharge

The state of Pennsylvania recently passed a bill that would help modernize its emergency phone numbers. The bill is said to increase the surcharges of phone bills to $1.97 from the previous $1.65 per phone. The changes for the surcharge will be effective January 1 next year. The surcharge is expected to bring in an extra revenue of $30.4 million.

House Rep. Jared Solomon of the Democratic state stated that the current services in Pennsylvania have been working since the 1980s, making it outdated. Paul Takac, also a Democratic state rep., added that the current revenues are not enough to upgrade the current emergency services.

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Surcharges From Private Companies

Several phone companies add surcharges to their bills to keep phone operations stable and comply with government regulations. Currently, service providers are required by the government to collect charges for emergency lines and services in rural areas for their maintenance.

However, private companies have different surcharges that vary according to their needs. AT&T charges late fees that cost up to $7 for each pay period. Verizon charges their customers who pay their bills at 7/11 branches. T-Mobile adds a surcharge for activating phone lines.

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