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Tax Relief On Menstrual Products and Child Care Necessities Voted by Texas House

Tax Relief On Menstrual Products and Child Care Necessities Voted by Texas House (Photo: Courthouse News Service)

Menstrual products and childcare necessities such as diapers and maternity clothes are almost tax-free in Texas.

Texas State Capitol (Photo: TripAdvisor)

Bill To Make The Purchase Of Menstrual Products And Childcare Essentials Tax-Free

Menstrual products, diapers, breast milk pumps, maternity clothes, and other essentials for child care are almost tax-free in Texas as a tax relief program was signed by the House last Tuesday. If the bill were to become a law, Texas would be among the states that made the purchase of menstrual and child care products tax-free. In the votation for the bill, the House voted 129-14 to approve Senate Bill 379, which the Senate already signed. The bill is similar to House Bill 300, which was passed by the House in the earlier sessions but instead signed the Senate’s version.

Austin Democrat State Rep. Donna Howard pushed the bill for years. With the bill nearing to be implemented, she stated that they are proud to implement the said bill in support of the families in Texas. While Democrat Lawmakers took years to push this bill, it became a bipartisan arrangement as Republicans have been showing support for women after banning abortion was almost approved.

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In relation to the factors surrounding the bill, House Speaker Dade Phelan commented on the difficulties of single parents in providing childcare essentials for their children, not to mention housing and transportation. Phelan added that in order to help single parents and other families to provide the said essentials, the bill passed would be a “great start”.

The bill is projected to cost Texas around $227 million for the next two years. Howard noted last Monday that the bill should arrive in the House at the beginning of “Period Poverty Awareness Week“, which is meant to spread awareness about people who are unable to purchase menstrual products due to poverty or low income. However, menstrual equity groups in Texas over the past years gave out free menstrual products to those who cannot afford them and encouraged the government to lower their costs.

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