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5 Deceased And 11 Injured In A 24 Hour Shooting In NYC

Nearly a dozen people were injured during a tumultuous night that spread across the city’s five boroughs; five of them later died as a result of their wounds, according to law enforcement officials.

Just after midnight, in the early hours of the morning, shootings broke out, and by the time there were 11 victims, about 24 hours had passed.

Police said that a 16-year-old child was one of those murdered in the shooting in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy district. Two suspects are purportedly seen running from the scene in a video that was found by investigators looking into that shooting.

In Hayes’ honor, family, and neighborhood organizations assembled. According to them, Hayes was just in the wrong play at the wrong moment. Police said that one of the two individuals seen in surveillance film wearing face masks shot the boy as he was returning home along Marcus Garvey Boulevard.

On Monday, a holiday for many, detectives were kept busy investigating a string of shootings that left almost a dozen victims dispersed throughout four of the five boroughs.

As the day carried on, men were killed in four different shootings in the Bronx and Manhattan. Just three shootings resulted in the survival of six additional victims, including three ladies shot in Washington Heights and two persons shot in Staten Island, all of whom were hurt within a few hours of one another.

Because so many people were being killed in the bloodbath, Purvis was unable to contain her rage.

At the vigil for Hayes, red and white balloons were let loose into the sky. Others in the city are getting ready to do the same for their loved ones as the boy’s mother prepares to bury her son.

According to police data, there have been 24% fewer shootings overall in New York City than there were at this time last year.

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