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Man Who Attacked Police With A Taser On The 6th Of January Sentenced To 12

Washington — A California man who prosecutors described as “one of the most violent defendants on January 6, 2021” was sentenced to 151 months — about 12 ½ years — in prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to violent and obstructive conduct during the Capitol riot.

Daniel “DJ” Rodriguez admitted as part of a plea agreement in February that he attacked former Washington, D.C. police officer Michael Fanone with a taser, causing him to lose consciousness, and that he worked to stop Congress from certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election. Rodriguez will also have to pay $96,000 to cover medical treatment for Fanone.

Requesting a longer sentence of 14 years in prison, prosecutors said Rodriguez administered a group chat in which he and a co-defendant discussed battles and operations in Washington, D.C., before then-President Donald Trump announced his Jan. 6 rally and later planned their trip to the nation’s capital after Trump sent a tweet saying the day would “be wild.”

The defense attorneys said Rodriguez is “remorseful” for his actions and even wrote a letter to Fanone in which he called the former police officer “a brave man.”

“I am looking at serving a long prison sentence and no letter I write is getting me out of that. Sir, I only want to apologize from the heart,”  Rodriguez wrote to Fanone. “I got carried away and have never been through something like that, that made me out of my mind. I wish I was smarter. I should have protected you because I have deep respect for law enforcement, and I have always stood up for police officers.”

“Rodriguez believed the 2020 Presidential election had been stolen, and those responsible should be in prison or dead,” attorneys at the Justice Department wrote in their pre-sentencing court filings,  “And this mistaken belief gave him the authority, in his mind, to plan an assault on anyone who stood in his way.”

He admitted in his plea agreement that on December 29, 2020, he posted in the group chat, “Congress can Hang. I’ll do it. Please let us get these people dear God,” court records revealed.

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