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Trump Special Counsel Testifies On The “Sobering” Report Of FBI’s Probe on Russia

Trump Special Counsel Testifies On The “Sobering” Report Of FBI’s Probe on Russia (Photo: Washington Times)

A special counsel of Trump’s era testifies on the controversial report about the FBI’s investigation of possible ties between Trump and Russia during the ex-president’s 2016 campaign.

Special counsel John Durham during the committee hearing (Photo: CBS News)

John Durham On The FBI’s Probe

John Durham, a special counsel during the time of former president Donald Trump, previously criticized the sources of the FBI’s investigation between Russia and Trump’s possible ties during the former president’s campaign last 2016 and is now testifying before a committee of the House. Last Wednesday, he found the reports of the investigation “sobering” only after a week of its release. Durham told the committee that he had never seen such a “sobering” report throughout his 40 years of being a prosecutor.

Durham added that the agents from the FBI were showing signs of bias and that starting an investigation into Trump’s campaign and whether he was in contact with Russia at the time was “flawed”. Being an official of the Justice Department and a federal prosecutor, Durham served as a U.S. attorney in Connecticut last 2019. It was at that time when William Barr, the attorney-general at the time, tasked Durham to examine the ongoing investigation of the FBI on Trump’s campaign. He was promoted as special counsel and remained in his position during Biden’s present administration.

Trump’s camp relied on Durham’s scrutinization of the investigation of the FBI linking him to Russia to show that the Bureau unjustly targeted him. During the committee hearing, Durham stressed that a Steele dossier was made and funded by the Democratic National Committee. Within the dossier were accusations consolidated by an officer from British Intelligence. The document was “flawed” but was still used to make surveillance warrants by the FBI.

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Trump’s Side

Currently, Trump is now facing the charges filed against him by the federal government. Stating that he carelessly handled confidential files and documents. Documents that the government tried to recover but Trump allegedly got in the way purposefully.

Durham’s findings revealed that the 2019 investigation into the FBI’s probe had a number of procedural errors but signs of “political bias” were not present at the time. In the future, Durham heavily recommended that a career official should be assigned to assess the political investigations of the FBI in detail.

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