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Kesha and Dr. Luke Has Now Settled Their Defamation Lawsuit Following Kesha’s Rape Accusations Against The Producer

Kesha and Dr. Luke Has Now Settled Their Defamation Lawsuit Following Kesha’s Rape Accusations Against The Producer (Photo: National Today)

Kesha and Dr. Luke have just announced that they settled their defamation lawsuit, following Kesha’s rape accusations against him.

Kesha and Dr. Luke (Photo: People)

Kesha’s Accusations Against Dr. Luke

In a recent joint statement, Kesha and Dr. Luke have settled their defamation lawsuit after roughly a decade. Kesha accused Dr. Luke of drugging and raping her last 2005. Dr. Luke, better known as Lukasz Gottwald in real life, maintained his statement that he never did any of the accusations brought about by Kesha against him. In Dr. Luke’s statement, he pushed that “nothing happened” and that he only settled for his family’s sake.

Dr. Luke added that while he appreciates Kesha’s account regarding the said night of the incident, he is completely certain that such accusations by Kesha never occurred. He added further that he could never do any of those to the singer, and that he fought tirelessly to clear his name for nearly a decade.

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Kesha vs Dr. Luke Over The Years

It was way back in 2014 when Kesha sued Dr. Luke, saying that she was raped, drugged, and verbally abused throughout the duration of their singer-producer relationship. According to the singer, Dr. Luke even abused his role as a producer to control Kesha’s career.

In response to Kesha’s accusations, Dr. Luke sued the singer back over making wrongful and false claims against him. Kesha, in return, countersued the producer. In the early stages of their legal battle, Kesha was mandated to pay over $373,000 in royalties to Dr. Luke.

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