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16 People Killed In Canada Bus Crash; Police Revealed Names Of Victims

Authorities released the names of 16 elderly people who have been killed in a highway crash on a rural stretch in Manitoba, Canada.

RCMP say the bus that collided with a semi near Carberry, Man., on Thursday was carrying about 25 people from the western Manitoba city of Dauphin and the surrounding area, most of whom were seniors (Source: Chelsea Kemp/CBC News).

Highway Bus Crash Incident in Manitoba

16 people were killed in a bus crash along the highway near Carberry Thursday afternoon. Police said, a bus that was carrying 25 people, mostly elderly, was hit by a semi-truck, according to The New York Times

The cause of the crash, which happened around noon, was not immediately identified by the police. Most of the victims were elderly and ten people who had injuries including the drivers, were sent to the hospital, the police said.

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Family and first responders bring out Manitoba bus crash victims’ photos in solemn procession as names released (Source: CBC News).

Victims of the Bus Crash Incident

On Thursday, just a week after the bus crash on a highway in Carberry, Manitoba the authorities shared the names of the victims along with their photos in a press conference, according to a report from the Associated Press.

All victims were elderly people aged 68 to 88. The victims were Louis Bretecher, 81; Margaret Furkalo, 82; Vangie Gilchrist, 83; Ann Hill, 81; Helen Kufley, 88; Arlene Lindquist, 68; Dianne Medwid, 70; Nettie Nakonechny, 87; Shirley Novalkowski, 76; Frank Perzylo, 82; Rose Perzylo, 80; Jean Rosenkranz, 82; Donna Showdra, 79; Lillian Stobbe, 73; Patsy Zamrykut, 88; and Claudia Zurba, 87.

“Hearts are broken, families are grieving,” Royal Canadian Mounted Police Supt. Jeff Asmundson said at the press conference, according to People.

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