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Texas Courts Almost Set A Serial Killer Free

A notorious serial killer was almost released due to a plea agreement with prosecutors and loopholes in court, from a Texas prison in 2006 had Michigan man not intervened.

Carl Eugene Watts (Source: NBC News).

One of the Deadliest Serial Killers in U.S

Carl “Coral” Eugene Watts, also called Sunday Morning Slasher, admitted to having killed 14 women in Texas but may have killed more than 100 across the states, according to Texas Police News.

Watts was difficult to catch since it was difficult for police to determine the murders he had committed hence, he murdered women in many different ways.
Watts was known to be active in kidnapping, torturing, and killing white women specifically, for eight years.

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Coral Eugene Watts. (Source: Brett Coomer/AP).

Within three months after killing the 20-year-old Elena Semander, where he dumped her body behind a garbage truck, Watts was arrested while attempting to flee from another crime. Watts was trying to drown two women in a bathtub when one woman, Melinda Aguilar, luckily managed to escape after pretending to be unconscious. Aguilar jumped off a balcony and asked for help. Fortunately, Watts was arrested by the police.

Texas prosecutors felt they have insufficient evidence regarding this case, police made a huge mistake in dealing with Watts. Texas would grant Watts immunity if he would give information regarding his murders. With this, Watts only pleaded guilty to only burglary with an intent to kill.

Texas granted Watts immunity for 12 murders and was to be released in 2006 when a Michigan man came and said he witnessed Watts murder a woman, according to People.

Watts did serve a life sentence although he died of cancer in 2007.

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