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A Larger Property Tax Refunds Could Be In Store For Minnesota Residents

A Larger Property Tax Refunds Could Be In Store For Minnesota Residents (Photo: Minnesota Monthly)

Minnesota residents could expect larger property tax refunds starting mid-July.

An aerial view of Minnesota (Photo:

Larger Property Tax Refunds For Minnesota

The newly-approved Minnesota tax legislation increased the refunds for the Homestead Credit Refund of 2022 for homeowners and the FORM M1pr, better known as Renter’s Property Tax Refund. A Minnesota resident could expect a larger refund compared to the original amount if they already filed for a FORM M1pr for 2022. The state is currently updating its systems to up the refunds automatically on the returns that were filed already. These refunds could arrive for renters starting mid-July. For homeowners, these refunds could be issued by mid-September.

If you are a resident of Minnesota and you were not able to file the FORM M1PR yet for 2022, you should take a look at the instructions within the form to check whether you are eligible for the said refunds. If you are eligible, you should submit the completed form. The deadline to claim the refund would be until August 15, 2024.

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Refunds For Renters and Homeowners

If you filed the form as a nursing home resident, renter, or adult foster care resident, your Renter’s Property Tax Refund will automatically increase to 20.572%. No additional forms or registration will be required.

If you are a mobile homeowner or a regular homeowner and you claimed a Special Property Tax Refund when you filed the form, your Homestead Credit Refund will also be increased automatically by 20.572%. The special refund will be recalculated and delivered to you automatically. If you are currently a regular or mobile homeowner and found out that you are not eligible for the Special Property Tax Refund, your Homestead Credit Refund will still be increased and the refund will still be sent automatically.

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