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Alabama Inmate Gets Life Sentence For Escaping Jail With Help From a Lover

An Alabama inmate was sentenced to life imprisonment on Thursday, June 8, after escaping with the assistance of a jail official who tragically ended her own life as law enforcement closed in.

Casey White, center, is escorted from the courthouse after receiving a life sentence on June 8, 2023, in Florence, Alabama (Source: CNN News).

Alabama inmate arrested after escaping jail

Casey White, a 39-year-old inmate in Alabama, was given a life sentence on Thursday, June 8, for his escape from the Lauderdale County Detention Center the previous year, according to CNN News.

After Casey White escaped from the Detention Center in Florence in April 2022, the pair was on the run for a span of 11 days until they were apprehended by law enforcement in Evansville, Indiana.

Authorities reported that Vicky White, an assistant director of corrections at the jail, opted to take her own life by shooting herself in the head rather than face arrest. Casey White, who had previously expressed a desire to be killed by police and stated his intention to engage in a shootout, did not put up any resistance and surrendered upon recapture, according to Fox News.

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Alabama inmate escaped jail with the help of an alleged lover, who is an officer.

Casey White gets a life sentence

In a plea deal, White admitted guilt for the escape and, in return, the prosecutors agreed to dismiss the felony murder charge related to Vicky’s death. As part of the agreement, he accepted the maximum sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

During the sentencing proceedings, White told the court that he feels like “the most hated man in the world.” He also stated that he loved Vicky White, emphasizing that she was the first individual to show him affection in six years, according to CBS News.

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