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Migrant Parents Are Currently Struggling To Enroll Their Kids In New York City Schools For Reasons Unknown

Migrant Parents Are Currently Struggling To Enroll Their Kids In New York City Schools For Reasons Unknown (Photo: New York Post)

Currently, migrant parents are having difficulties enrolling their children in different schools in New York.

A migrant child at school (Photo: The New York Times)

Axel Turicos of Scripps News recently asked Juan Bernal, a migrant from Colombia, about the process of enrolling his child in school. Bernal answered that they were not told anything and who to talk to. No information was presented by schools. According to the latest survey taken by migrants, around 26% were migrant parents who revealed that they were unable to enroll their children in various schools.

Economic Justice and Family Empowerment for The New York Immigration Coalition Senior Manager Liza Schwartzland stated that the city should come up with a better communication plan for migrant families to aid them in their transition in the city. She stated that migrant families may not be receiving complete and accurate information regarding their rights in the education system.

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Diana Rivera, A New York City public school teacher who is bilingual, stated that the children themselves are also facing difficulties in school. She added that children are in need of support in their own native language since classrooms are not that divided when it comes to nationality, making it hard for children to communicate efficiently and more coherently.

As stated by Melissa Aviles-Ramos, together with the New York Chancellor’s Office, stated that the Department of Education in the city is currently working on refining its programs. Turicos asked Aviles-Ramos why migrant families are still struggling to enroll their children in schools and why are they currently facing this difficulty.

Aviles-Ramos answered that the quick answer would be the lack of personnel to accommodate migrants coming into the city and to accommodate their children enrolling in schools. More personnel should be hired, and in the case of migrant children coming into schools, more teachers should be hired.

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