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Fixed-income Omaha Seniors Seek Property Tax Relief Via Homestead Exemptions

The housing market is placing an overwhelming burden on numerous community members, particularly seniors, who have fixed incomes.

Property tax relief

The escalating property values, resulting in a surge in property taxes, have compelled seniors in Omaha to seek alleviation.

The situation has become so widespread that the nonprofit organization, Volunteers Assisting Seniors, is conducting Q&A sessions to assist seniors in navigating relief options, including the Nebraska Homestead Exemption Program.

Gayle Sanko, a homeowner residing in South Omaha, never anticipated facing this predicament. Over the years, the value of her two-bedroom house, which she purchased in 1963 for a modest $8,000, has soared significantly. Consequently, her property taxes have also continued to rise.

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Fixed-income Omaha seniors looking for property tax relief (Source: KETV).

Omaha seniors seek property tax relief

At present, seniors are actively seeking tax relief. A man who works with Volunteers Assisting Seniors, Jeff Smith is aiding retired individuals with fixed incomes in navigating the Homestead Exemption Program.

Individuals aged 65 and above, qualified disabled veterans, and specific other groups may qualify for this program. The amount of money saved on property taxes depends on the value of one’s house and income, according to KETV.

Smith has conversed with numerous seniors who claim that their property taxes have increased by 20 to 30 percent.

The deadline to apply for a homestead exemption is June 30.

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