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Health Care Fraud and Prescription Drug Schemes; 78 People from 16 States, charged.

Health Care Fraud and Prescription Drug Schemes; 78 People from 16 States, charged. (CSI-Secure Solution)

Health Care Fraud and Prescription Drug Schemes involves the submission of almost $2 Billion in bogus claims.

The Department of Justice charged 78 people for Health Care Fraud and Prescription Drug Schemes, in 16 states. These people involved in the Health Care Fraud schemes were sentenced with series of different cases.

Attorney General Merrick Garland at a press conference on Friday, June 23, 2023 in Washington. (WXYZ)

One of the Health Care Fraud schemes that was announced during the crackdowns in several states across the country was the scheme that totaled $1.9 billion dollars. A doctor who allegedly operated the Health Care Fraud scheme  through ordering fake ankle braces for a patient whose leg had been amputated, this was reported by the officials.

This scheme was said to be the largest Health Care Fraud Scheme the Justice Department ever brought by.

Doctors are involve in Health Care Schemes. (HEALTHLINE)

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In another Health Care Fraud schemes, the Investigators claimed to have discovered around $2 billion in falsified telemedicine claims sent to government-funded insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid, which mainly cover elderly and those with low incomes, respectively, in one case filed in the Southern District of Florida.

Prosecutors claim that David Antonio Becerril, a doctor from Washington state, signed more than 2,800 bogus prescriptions in a separate telemedicine fraud case, including an order for ankle braces for a patient whose leg had been amputated for years. He allegedly reviewed and signed each order in less than 40 seconds.

There are other instances to some Health Care Fraud schemes that involved;

  • fake doctor’s orders produced by a computer software
  • reselling prescription drugs for HIV
  • drug relabeling for selling
  • fake doctor orders for braces and painkillers

According to the federal investigators, the stolen money from these Health Care Fraud schemes was used to purchase luxury items like cars, jewelries and yachts.

The FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration and state Medicaid fraud units, are involved in the Health Care Fraud scheme investigation. The Justice Department has set its sight on pursuing those criminals involved in these Health Care Fraud scheme.


READ MORE: U.S. charges 78 people across 16 states in $2.5B healthcare fraud takedown

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