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Key Witness in Madeleine McCann’s Murder Case Reveals His Disturbing Discussion With Her Abductor

Key Witness in Madeleine McCann’s Murder Case Reveals His Disturbing Discussion With Her Abductor (Photo: MARCA)

The key witness in the murder of Madeleine McCann has revealed his disturbing discussion with the case’s prime suspect.

Madeleine McCann (Photo: BBC)

Key Witness In Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance Comes Forward

A past acquaintance of the man believed to be the main suspect in the murder case of the British toddler Madeleine McCann became the key witness and came forward for the first time to share information. Authorities from the U.K., Portugal, and Germany only found little actionable evidence regarding the disappearance of the British toddler from her family’s vacation apartment during the two-decade-long investigation.

After sharing relevant information, authorities found Christian Brueckner as the main suspect in McCann’s disappearance. Authorities were able to identify him through his former acquaintance and the case’s key witness known only as Helge B. His actual name was not revealed by the German Police as he is currently under protection by the BKA, or Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office.

Last 2018, Helge B. was called in by the German police to testify against Brueckner regarding one of the videos of rape found in his apartment. Helge B. believes that McCann’s disappearance involved Brueckner breaking into her family’s apartment but he found the children asleep, where he then took the British toddler.

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Helge B. And Christian Brueckner

In an interview with Bild, Helge B. revealed that at first, he thought Brueckner was a decent guy, but all that changed when he saw Brueckner’s videos of sexually assaulting women when he visited his apartment. Helge B. shared that he could not believe what he was seeing. He added that they did not meet again until the year McCann was reported missing, which was in 2008.

Helge B. asked Brueckner if he was traveling to Portugal for business. Brueckner replied that there were too many police checkpoints there regarding the disappearance of a British girl. Helge B. replied as to how could a toddler disappear without being noticed. It was at this part of their conversation that Brueckner replied, “She didn’t even scream”. The next day after their chilling discussion, Helge B. stated that Brueckner disappeared since he noticed his suspicion of calling the police. Helge B. contacted the Metropolitan Police in London but he did not receive any response.

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